The Bed Shop Comfort Mission

Our goal is to get you on the mattress you love the first time you come into our store. Sometimes, though, the mattress that feels the best for the few minutes you lay on it in our showroom doesn’t feel so great after 8 hours of sleep. Don’t worry – we got your back! Our comfort guarantee is unlike any other in the industry. The Bed Shop’s Comfort Mission lets you leave with the peace of mind that you will love your new mattress. If for some reason your mattress isn’t everything you wanted, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we’ll start the process over again with our custom sleep assessment.

How does it work?

Simply purchase any new mattress for $500 or more.  Congratulations!  You are now eligible for our Comfort Mission!*

What else do I need to know about this?

Q:  There has to be a “catch” right?
A:  Nope!   Our founder and president purchased a mattress; he laid on it multiple times in our showroom and thought it was the one for him.  A month later he realized he had purchased the wrong mattress!  Oops aren’t we embarrassed!  See, even experts in the bedroom get it wrong from time to time.  Fortunately he was able to swap it out for something else from the manufacturer and the second mattress was heavenly.  This is what prompted the comfort mission — we realized that if our founder could pick a mattress he didn’t absolutely love, then anyone could.  We just wouldn’t sleep well at night knowing you weren’t doing the same.  So, in short, there is no catch – just us wanting to make sure you sleep like a baby so we can too.

Q.  Do I have to purchase an additional warranty?
A.  No way!  We do highly recommend that you purchase a fully encased mattress protector.  All of our customers that purchase the Encase Mattress protector will also get free pickup and delivery of their new replacement should the need arise.  Another reason to buy the mattress protector is simply to protect your investment.  All warranties are null and void in the event the mattress has any stains on it.  The Encase mattress protector ensures there will be no stains.

Q.  How quickly can I replace my mattress under the Experts in the Bedroom Comfort Guarantee?
A.  You will need to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days from the time of delivery.  We recognize that there is an adjustment period your body requires to get fully accustomed to your new mattress.  Once you have slept on it for 30 days we will know it is probably not “the one” for you.  After that 30 days you will have 30 more days to make arrangements for pickup and receiving of your new mattress.

Q.  Do I have to pay a restocking fee like other stores?
A.  No Way Jose!   Al long as you purchased and used an Encase mattress protector at the time of the original purchase, you will not be subject to any additional charges or fees.  If you chose to not purchase the Encase mattress protector, the only charge you will be responsible for would be for delivery of your replacement mattress.  Check out our competitors’ guarantees.  They will want at least a 20% restocking fee plus shipping of the new mattress and pickup of the old.  Some even charge a resurfacing fee!  Is that really a guarantee or just another sale?

Q.  What if I don’t Purchase an Encase?
A.  If you decide not to purchase the Encase mattress protector then you are still eligible for the Comfort Guarantee.  You will need to pay for pick up and delivery or make arrangements to get it to our Hawthorne location before the 60 day trial period.

Q.  What mattresses are eligible for the Comfort Guarantee?
A.  Any mattress that is $500 and above before tax and delivery.  Clearance items and floor samples are not eligible.

Q.  What if the second mattress isn’t the one for me?
A.  Unfortunately, this is a one-shot deal.  When you come in to select your replacement, we’ll work closely with you to help assure we get it right the 2nd time around.

Q.  What if the mattress I buy the second time is less expensive than the first one?
A.  We cannot offer any money back should you choose a cheaper replacement.

Q.  How do I know I am not getting someone’s returned mattress?
A.  We knew this question was coming!  Any and all returned mattresses will be clearly labeled & sold in our clearance warehouse as-is.  By law, we are required to fully disclose if a mattress is used or refurbished.  We take this law very seriously.  More than that, we pride ourselves on not being shady business people.  We would never sell anything as new that has been slept on previously.  That would be lame.  And we’re not lame.

Q.  Is there anything else I should know
A.  Yup, all mattresses will be inspected for stains via backlight (whether encase is purchased or not).  Any stains on the mattress will void the manufacturer’s warranty as well as the comfort guarantee.  Again, this is why we highly advise the purchase and use of a waterproof mattress protector.

All mattresses priced at or above $500 are eligible for the comfort guarantee.   Encase Mattress protector by Malouf must be purchased at the time of initial mattress purchase.   The comfort guarantee contract  must be signed at time of purchase.  Only mattresses are eligible for the comfort guarantee program.  The comfort guarantee can only be executed one time per initial customer order and cannot be used on clearance items, floor models or if your mattress is found to be stained or dirty.  Using your Encase mattress protector will help ensure that your mattress is in perfect condition if it is used from day one.